Local NHS launches consultation on plans to enhance Warrington’s extended access service  

Warrington’s Primary Care Networks (PCNs) have launched a consultation on Warrington’s extended access service to ensure proposed plans meet the needs of local residents. 

At the moment all GP practices must provide some additional appointments every week before or after normal opening times for their own patients; this is known as extended hours.

In addition, clinical commissioning groups must make sure that patients can access appointments with primary care clinicians and staff in convenient locations across the town again outside of the hours that you can go to your registered practice; this is known as extended access. 

From October 2022 NHS England has decided that these two services should come together and form one service that will be known as Enhanced Access.

Currently, appointments are available at Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre. New proposals, however, will consider the service moving from Bath Street and expand to fixed location across Warrington for each day of the week, making the service more accessible for patients.    

The consultation will also take into consideration the extended hours service currently provided at Eric Moore Partnership.

CCGs are currently responsible for commissioning (buying) extended access services. However, with the national development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), the funding and responsibility for extended access will transfer from CCGs to PCNs by October 2022.   

Before the service launches in October 2022, Warrington’s five PCNs are asking people to consider whether the following are convenient: 

  • Times of appointments  
  • Appointment days 
  • Location of appointments  

You can access the extended access service consultation on NHS Warrington CCG’s website

You can download resources for the via the links below:

  • Consultation document
  • FAQs*
  • Scrutiny briefing 

You can find out more about PCNs in the consultation document and via the NHS website PCN page:    

For more information and queries, please email

The closing date is Tuesday 26th July 2022   

*Please note that as this is an ongoing consultation, FAQs will be updated where necessary.

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